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ERP: Your transactional hub

A well implemented ERP does an excellent job of organising work flow, helping planners, issuing work orders, producing purchase orders and storing historical information. It also produces extensive management reports that summarise past performance and future commitments. Most ERPs also include simple tools for setting stock levels based on target service level, fill rate or EOQ, typically aimed at fast-moving commodity stock.

How does MRO Analytics support your ERP?

MRO Analytics brings together your maintenance, asset and inventory data from across your enterprise to answer a key question:

Are we doing the right things?

MRO Analytics doesn't try to replace your ERP. It doesn't care about work flow, it doesn't issue purchase orders and it doesn't hold long-term historical data: those are your ERP's domain. However MRO Analytics uses your ERP asset, maintenance and inventory data. Its analytic capability assesses business risk, maintenance and inventory costs to give you a view of activity that identifies areas of positive and negative performance. Then its business intelligence tools enable you to carry out complex discrete tasks like determining the best inventory levels and maintenance policies for your business. When you have identified the best thing to do you then make changes happen through your ERP

MRO Analytics enables you to find the best policies for transforming your business: your ERP makes certain that the right things are actually done and transactions are accurately recorded.