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During construction, most effort is focussed on commissioning equipment and meeting go-live deadlines. Maintenance schedule development and inventory requirements are often an afterthought and, under the pressure of time, generic recommendations are sometimes adopted. Although it may be recognised at the time that these 'off the shelf' stock policies are just a short-term solution, in reality they can go unchallenged for years, tying up resources and leading to inefficiencies that add up month after month and year after year.

Another common scenario is where an asset acquisition means that an inherited maintenance schedule regime need to be rapidly ratified to ascertain whether it is fit for purpose under a new operating context.

MRO Analytics Business Intelligence takes some of the pain out of initial decision-making. Because it enables staff to work with uncertain data, conservative decisions can be made and marked for review when more information and experience is available. Your own staff, OEMs and contractors can define maintenance regimes and spares support configurations that are optimised for your equipment working in its own context, not based on general recommendations.

MRO Analytics tools can

  • Maintenance Task Validation
  • Identify and revise existing stock holdings to support new equipment
  • Build material master records for new inventory lines ready to be loaded at the go-live date
  • Avoid duplication of expenditure by using excess stock held at other locations
  • Set the right preventive maintenance regimes for your plant