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With so much data, where do you start?. Very often nothing happens because there is too much data, or different elements can't be easily related, because the information is unreliable,or just because the available tools are too slow and inefficient.

MRO Analytics provides high quality visualisation tools which enable you to make better and faster decisions by summarising and slicing through enterprise data. Working from global to local to equipment and part level, the applications quickly find the root cause of any issue.


Global databases can raise so many issues that it's difficult to know where to begin; the danger is that no action is taken, or that resources are wasted chasing trivial issues. So every decision can be quantified through cost and risk, and compared with corporate and local goals. Problems are prioritised so that the maximum possible return is achieved as quickly as possible, saving staff time and achieving maximum benefits sooner.


With an inventory issue pinpointed, MRO Analytics uses leading-edge analytical technology to find and recommend possible solutions such as

  • Run down excess stocks
  • Transfer stock between stores
  • Pool stock
  • Use vendor stocking arrangements
  • Change equipment design

Every decision is compared, costed and robustly tested for sensitivity to changes in supplier, company and other data.