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Reliability-centred Maintenance (RCM)

RCM was developed in the 1970s and 1980s by the civilian aviation industry to create maintenance schedules that are effective, economic and, above all, safe. It is now the method of choice for building maintenance schedules in asset-intensive industries throughout the world.

How RCM works

RCM works by linking maintenance tasks to the technical characteristics and consequences of each failure. As a result, the maintenance schedules are thoroughly auditable: any task can be traced back to the failure it is intended to manage, and any changes in reliability, the value of production, or even legislation, can be taken into account by modifying RCM maintenance tasks.

RCM and MRO Analytics

The detailed information that is available in an RCM analysis makes it the ideal source for the development of supporting inventory policies. MRO Analytics includes an RCM schedule development tool and provides links between its analysis tools and RCM, bringing the auditability and robustness of the maintenance programme through to the supply chain.

The RCM tool features

  • Development of functions, functional failures, failure modes and effects in FMECA format
  • RCM decision recording and task selection
  • Development of complete maintenance tasks with task details and part requirements
  • Advanced failure-finding interval calculator for protective devices
  • Printed reports
  • Configurable RCM standards
  • Capture of quantified risk data associated with failure mode occurrence and prevention