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Asset managers have a responsibility to operate their plant safely under day-to-day conditions, but they also have to plan for the extraordinary.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, ice storms and the impact of terrorism and civil unrest, along with many other asset specific threats: they all need to be factored into resilience planning. Even if asset managers cannot hope to control the events themselves, their impact can be managed and mitigated with the right planning and design. How quickly and effectively your plant bounces back after external events depends on your asset resilience. For many industries, and particularly for utility services, high resilience is vital so that cities and communities can thrive and survive.

MRO@nalytics designs and operates applications that enable you to assess and track asset resilience. They allow asset managers and city planners to make evidence-based decisions when allocating scarce resources, to mitigate risks, and to increase overall resilience.