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Benefit from the data you have now

MRO Analytics brings your data together so that you can benefit from the information that you already have.

  • Identify areas, suppliers, sites, stores, line items and assets that show exceptional performance
  • Locate underperformance and waste
  • Determine where resources are unproductively tied up in excessive MRO inventory stock
  • Identify common parts and stock sharing opportunities
  • Find procurement anomolies
  • Find out where your inventory exposes the business to unacceptable levels of risk

From reactive to proactive

Analytics business intelligence enables you move from reactive to proactive management of your MRO inventory, putting you in the driving seat.

Meaningful reports, trend analysis and monitoring are possible at any level from global to site to store to line item and equipment. If you find a problem, your analysts can review data at any level to pinpoint its root cause.