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MRO Analytics white papers cover aspects of theory and explanations of how business intelligence and analytical methods are applied to the management of MRO activities.

Starting MRO Inventory Optimisation
"How to Eat an Elephant" looks at the first steps to optimise MRO Inventory levels
Stock Strategy Part 1
No more surprises: that's the ultimate aim of inventory managers. How realistic is it, and what can you do to get close to that goal?
Stock Strategy Part 2
How many parts should be held? That's the fundamental question of inventory stock setting, but it can't be answered without considering risk...
Stock Strategy Part 3
Low value, high turnover items can use a lot of management time to little or no effect. How should you decide where to spend your effort for...
RCM and Stock Optimisation
RCM has radically changed maintenance schedules in asset-intensive industries. What impact do these changes have on inventory policy?