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Investment recovery specialists to focus on finding buyers for high value equipment at end of its life and want to maximise the sale value. The supporting package of spare parts inventory is also part of your corporate investment. Finding buyers for spares inventory is possible but much more difficult. In practice vast amounts of redundant spares inventory is written off and dumped every year. To maximise the possibility of achieving an economic sale, specialists need to be able to explore possible options in advance of equipment redundancy.

Investment recovery professionals use MRO Business Intelligence tools to explore possible options and reduce or eliminate waste. Possibilities include

  • Managing down inventory levels as end-of-life approaches.
  • Redeploying redundant inventory to other sites where there is continuing demand
  • Identifying excess inventory that is unlikely to be used and redistributing it to other sites where there is active demand.
  • Co-ordinating the management of redundant inventory for OEM buy-back programmes