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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about MRO Analytics implementation, the technology and how it works alongside an ERP or MMS

How does MRO Analytics interface to my ERP or stores system?

Most ERPs and stores systems contain all the data elements that are needed for an MRO Analytics implementation. Sometimes the way specific items are used differs between users of the same ERP, so we look carefully at how your organisation uses its systems to ensure that we base MRO Analytics decisions on the right information.

The interface can be achieved in a number of different ways, including

  • Periodic data export
  • Using ERP and MRO Analytics APIs
  • Semi-automatic data entry using existing ERP export routines

We will work with you during the initial implementation to determine the most appropriate interface method.

What technology do I need to use MRO Analytics tools?

For the hosted service you just need Internet access and a modern web browser that supports HTML5.

Privately hosted services may be implemented on a number of server and database architectures. Please discuss your available infrastructure with us for more details.

Will my data be secure?

Security and availability are core objectives of our data management processes.

  • Strong password protection at system logon
  • Our standard services operate within a secure environment
  • We carry out routine penetration testing to identify potential vulnerabilities
  • We back up data off site daily
  • We monitor client accounts and we will notify you if we detect unusual activity

These measures are more than adequate for the majority of clients, but if necessary we can deliver our services wholly within your own environment.

What algorithms are used?

The web-based MRO Analytics user interface is underpinned by proprietary business rules derived from proven mathematical concepts. The core algorithms are based on Markov analysis and we test calculation results against Monte Carlo simulation models to ensure that you can rely on the results.