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Many industrial businesses have exemplary skills in-house coupled with the internal capacity to implement new methodologies and technology well. Lean organisations however are commonly short on resource and often decide to draw upon external expertise as and when required in order to achieve their operational goals. Both types of business can benefit from the enabling technologies MRO Analytics provides through its BI Tool suite.

As a SaaS delivered product, MRO Analytics BI is configured to allow an ‘over the horizon’ capability enabling your permitted third party partners, operating from Global Service Centres, to securely access and work on your data if you decide this is appropriate for your business.

Typically this is done in one of two ways.

  • You have a third party partner work alongside your personnel to use our BI tools on your data (remotely or on-site) to deliver results on your behalf. Embedded workflow means you still retain control and always authorise any recommendations before they are implemented within your business.
  • Your personnel, when suitably skilled, use BI tools directly to work on your data but you use the services of a third party partner in an audit capacity to ensure the rigour of the recommendations your personnel arrive at. Again this can be done remotely or on-site.

MRO Analytics, working with accredited providers who have proven expertise in the MRO field along with a deep familiarity with our BI Tools and training processes, can advise you on what might be the most appropriate approach for your organisation to best reach its objectives.